3 tips to handle with ease the directional signage

Offices, meeting rooms, private practise... how many times, to reach our destination, have we found ourselves lost in endless corridors or seeking some guidance on walls, ending up asking for information to passers-by?

Making it easier for your guests to visit you and leave a good memory is simple. We suggest you 3 tips and EASYFLEX products to enhance the experience of visitors and employees through proper and timely communication in the working environment.

1. Notify the most important information about your company through the directional signs.

Decide what are the strategic points within your spaces, the places where you should report the routes. Rely on EASY suspended signage panels for maximum visibility to the posts, especially in wide attendance zones. Each panel can be customized quickly via an immediate message change system.

2. Transmit professionalism through accurate reporting.

Clearly communicate the information concerning the halls or the office opening hours through the outdoor panel: a tool developed to show the latest information, thanks to the easy replacement of exposed message inside the panel. With this EASYFLEX solution you can communicate important details at the entrance of meeting centers, offices and meeting rooms.

3. Coordinate the corporate communications, convey the message with the corporate style.

The visibility of sales and advertising also involves the presence of display panels. Decide which are the points where your message can be conveyed and understood: for example, a waiting room, offices, meeting rooms and use the EASY double-sided panel in transparent methacrylate.

EASYFLEX develops practical and functional solutions to make it easier and effective communication, up with the company. Contact us for details of our solutions or buy online in the official EASYFLEX shop.

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