MINI LED 2x 70x50 - Double-sided illuminated panels with message exchange

Illuminated panels 70x50 cm. Thanks to LED double-sided backlighting, they offer highly visible of communication.   

Product Line: MINI LED

Code: E_LP_MN_2X70X50_C

Status: Available


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(VAT included) 969.90

The MINI LED 50x70 cm illuminated message holder panel  not only offers high visibility of notices thanks to the double-sided LED back lighting and immediate message exchange, but also a revolutionary innovative format rotation system, from vertical to horizontal and vice versa, for continually evolving communication. It only takes a few minutes to update your display unit.

The MINI LED system consists of  adjustable double-sided back-lit panels of a small and medium size format - featuring the magnetic message exchange system - for a guaranteed quick and effective communication. A sheet of clear methacrylate coupled with magnetic strips on all sides guarantees easy opening and a hermetic seal.

For printed messages it is advisable to use a backlight translucent film. Installation, printing and graphic design services are not included.

Low-voltage wiring installation using a power adapter is required.

2 MINI LED back-lit message holder panel, size 70x50 cm
2 Insulated tensioners for LED PANEL (lenght 4 m)
8 Individual clamps for MINI LED
1 60 W Power adapter
Overall dimensions: 76.9x110.5 cm (tensioners excluded)


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